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You know, because it’s full of scandal and glittering secrets.

It’s been about six months since I took over running the Down Under Feminists Carnival from the esteemed Lauredhel. She was gracious enough to entrust me with her project, and I want to reflect on what running with that gift has been like so far.

Well, it’s been a fun ride so far! I’ve gotten to know so many more Down Under feminist blogs than I would have done otherwise; the DUFC folder in my feedreader is huge. There’s such a lot of great writing to be read, and it’s such a great community. We rally around and support each other, link each other, jump off each others’ posts, and sometimes even meet each other.

I so enjoy watching the trends in the blogosphere’s posts from month to month, seeing what everyone thought was important and the development of ideas as people reflect on each others’ writing. Sometimes I like to save a few days’ worth of posts I’m thinking of nominating and savour them all at once. I’ll cry and laugh and think on how fabulous it is that this group of people decided to put their thoughts on the Internet and found each other.

It can get pretty tense when the blogcarnival database goes down, or when someone’s HTML goes horribly wrong (that’s happened to me on both of my own hosting endeavours!), or in wondering if we’re going to get enough submissions this month, but it always works out.

Thank you for having me as your coordinator, DUFCers, and here’s to many more carnivals!