Apparently I am on this newfangled concept called “summer holidays,” but I haven’t been doing much by way of summer holidayish things, like relaxing! I’ve been working quite hard on various Things What Pay, and, as ever, spending a lot of time in the feminist blogosphere. The blogosphere has the effect, some people tell me, of sucking out your heart if you hang about too long. I am feeling quite strongly that slide into tension, and badness, and damage.

I want to save myself some heartache, so I’m taking February off. I won’t be reading any blogs, and I won’t be feeling as though I have failed as a human being for not getting stuck into that feedreader. I hope this will give me some space to renegotiate my blogular engagement into something positive rather than trying to stay afloat, but, regardless, I’m mostly needing the relief, and to enjoy myself at other things.

I might post some book reviews here – still got that long list of reading to work on! – but I am staying off blogs, and Twitter, and the like, and avoiding scraping myself out to write.

Here’s where you come in, readers. I’ve still got the Down Under Feminists Carnival to run. If we don’t get many submissions, I’m going to have to make them myself, and kill my downtime. I do a substantial amount of the submitting, and there tend to be about six or so other people who do any in a given month. I would really appreciate it if more of you would step up and support your fellow bloggers (or yourselves!) by submitting posts. Please remember, when you’re reading NZ/AU feminist blogs over the next month, to take thirty seconds and submit posts you like to the Carnival. It would mean very much to me.

Now I’m going to go work on that “not feeling guilty about not logging on first thing in the morning” thing.

Snowy the computer (indicated by an arrow and her name in black capitals) is to the left of the image with a frown on her screen. I am in the centre, with a smile on my face, moving to the right. I am wearing a bright green dress and my curly hair is blowing back in my rush. To the right, indicated by another label and arrow, is a bookshelf full of orange, yellow, pink, blue, green and red books.