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After a year of searching, we’ve finally got a new home! This is very exciting indeed on a number of fronts, and I can’t wait to be settled somewhere permanent again. I can’t even communicate the relief – and anticipation! – we’re experiencing.

One of the things I have missed the most about being settled is having a kitchen of my own. I can’t wait to start making food again. I hadn’t cooked much in times immediately before this ridiculous moving business, either. A determination to do as well as I possibly could in my first semester of uni ate my time, and then much of my spare energy was spent on finding a home, and so on, and so forth. But just lately I’ve been doing repetitive and basic things only. There’s nothing wrong with repetitive or basic cooking, of course, but I’ve neither been taking on as much of the food preparation as I would like or making as many of the kinds of things I would like to make.

Nowadays, it’s hard to stand up for very long, which is the main thing keeping me away from the kitchen. I’ve gotten many requests to make rice paper rolls, which are less taxing as I can make them sitting down while enjoying the lovely warm water on my poor hands as I soak the rice paper. Anticipating this new kitchen, however – and it’s so gorgeous! with decent bench space! – I am not wanting to let anything get in my way of cooking and baking!

I am trying to think of ways to make food preparation easier. Fatigue-friendly recipes are one thing. I’m also thinking that a high stool for the kitchen would be a good idea. However, that presents the problem of moving around the kitchen. My ideal would be a swivel high stool, but I don’t know if such a thing exists! I am grinning at the prospect of rolling around the kitchen, fetching eggs there, adjusting the stove there, smartly manoeuvring to the sink there.

I am filled with a warm glow of pent-up cookery, and just can’t wait to move in there!