Why, it’s International Women’s Day! I wrote a thing about this self-same day called What exactly are we celebrating?:

‘Whether it’s in professional or personal spheres, the idea that women only belong in certain ways, can only be a fraction of the things there are to be, is profoundly harmful. Being a women should not mean being a predefined notion, but the amazing and varied group of people we are. I’d like to celebrate International Women’s Day with this in mind.’

I wrote this piece in my capacity as guest editor on a special IWD edition at…
'yopinion.com.au' in bold black letters, with the second o as a speech bubble. Below is the tagline in blue: 'get thinking. start talking',
which is a relatively new site run by a bunch of Generation Y Aussies. The idea is that there aren’t a whole lot of women out there writing opinion pieces and women have less of a chance to contribute to public thought, and with this edition the good people at yopinion want to encourage women to speak up. I know you lot are a bunch of loudmouths, so head on over and leave a comment or submit something of your own.

Of late, I have also written other things! See, for instance, Feministe, and this piece called Escapes and Ensnarement

‘However, reading books while being progressive is, as I said, a risky prospect. I might be off in my own little escapist world when boom! The author presents his readership with something awfully misogynistic, making it clear that he thinks his only readers, or the only ones worth pleasing, are his fellow men.’

I’m also Checking in with the women of Kazakhstan:

‘Well, the campaign for Kazakhstan’s 3 April election has just kicked off, and women are coming under the spotlight, too. In celebration of the country’s twentieth anniversary of independence, the First Congress of Kazakhstan Women has just taken place in the capital city, Astana.’

Stepping backwards even as we step forwards is about the coexistence of hope and tragedy.

I’ve launced a series I’m quite proud of about the question ‘Where are you from?’ Here’s part one and here’s part two.