Well, what have I been up to over the last 12 days?

I wrote a piece called Election Promises in New South Wales: Forgetting Disabled Inmates for Global Comment, throwing some stats about disability, race, and incarceration at you. I did a whole lot of research on that, so please go read it!

At Feministe, I have a connected post, A disability services funding wishlist. If you had $30 million to improve disability services where you are, what would you do with it? I have some suggestions.

I collected op eds from around the world for The 100th International Women’s Day!

Then there’s No, people, no. which is about… fembots.

Who has the power to fix the system here? is about the troubles involved in getting women into positions of power.

‘And for how long will we let ideological agendas kill women in silence?’ is a video and transcript of a speech given by amazing Moroccan sexual health and reproductive rights activist Dr Imane Khachani. I’m interviewing her soon, so look out for that!

Leaping off from my post here the other day, I’m looking for SF featuring non-white people in Speculative and science fiction in colour.

I highlighted a program called Voces de Cambio in Some fabulous Guatemalan teenage girls could do with your help. It didn’t work very well, so I tried again in Here is your chance to make a difference, and we managed to help raise all the money!! If you still want to help out, I bet they could do with more funds, so please click through and learn more.

I added a third part to my Where are you from? series, about how deeply disempowering that question can be. Comments get… very frustrating. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many emails of apology and horror about just one thread.

On that note, today I put up a poem that has been brewing for a very long time, A Poem for Feministe Commenters.

I’m bitter, what can I say.