I have been having some Internet troubles over the last few weeks, oh yes, I have. I’ve finally given up on having a home Internet connection until I move house. (I’m typing this to you on my word processor at seven in the morning, anticipating a library trip this afternoon.)

It’s got me thinking, as periods of Internet disconnection generally do for heavy Internet users, about how I spend my time online, and where I put my energy. I’ve been hugely anxious about not having constant access to my email, in case someone contacts me to say that something has gone wrong. Well, it’s unlikely that anything horrid will happen over the next couple of weeks or that it will make much of a difference if I take a few more hours to get to it. Other people can moderate blog comments, or read a friend’s drafts, or what have you. Anxiety is a huge problem here, and hopefully my Internetlessness for this period will help me put some of it aside.

The other thing is that I have been realising just how much I rely on the Internet, not only to work and keep up with friends, but to do my university work. Hats off to uni students who don’t have their own computers, because scheduling yourself around and trying to concentrate in libraries and such cannot be easy. So much of the material I have to work with is online that it would be impossible to do my courses without the Internet. The way universities structure courses is built around so many assumptions around the kinds of lives, resources, and time students have…

I’m having to plan my time out much more rigorously: can my body cope with another couple of hours at uni on Wednesday so that I can access that uni material and perhaps even my blog feedreader then? (This is the hardest bit, because I am used to the comfort of working in my own home offsetting some of the exhaustion from working.) What work can I do when I am without the Internet?

It should be an interesting time, not least because I am almost at the stage of pre-drafting emails! Excuse me if the blogging is a little slow over the next little while. Between my (lack of) Internet connection, having six assessments due over the next two weeks, and having to move after that, my time is not my own! Hopefully my lack of connection will mean a greater connection to my assessment tasks…