As I sit here feverishly (literally, I think I’m coming down with something) eating my lunch in between classes, I’m taking advantage of being in what is apparently the one spot in the English department building featuring both a table and the Internet. Here, this is what I’ve been writing elsewhere over the last little while. “Elsewhere” means “Feministe” right now, because I’m afraid all my other writing work has been in non-Internet form just lately! Yes, that is a significant look on my face.

I added parts four, five and six to the Where are you from? series. There’s one more part left next week, and then we are done! It has been a most interesting experience.

We got a bit musical, and then I promptly lost my fangirlism.

I wrote about an age limit on foreign men wishing to marry Cambodian women, and looked at voting law reform in Saudi Arabia. Very sadly, Diana Wynne Jones died. There was just an awful story about women in Guatemala who were raped by security, police and military personnel in the course of being removed from their homes… because they were near a mine. There is so much to be angry about in there.

On a bit of a happier note, I got to interview an activist I really admire, one Dr Imane Khachani.