Oh, readers. Within the next few days, I have four essays due and am moving house. Whatever they tell you about lazy Arts students, it is lies, pure and utter lies. Three of the essays are mostly done, and I am here in the library to knock over the fourth today, but I have done absolutely no packing. (Soon I will be at the stress stage of wandering about and glaring at everyone I meet.) That is okay; I shall probably just end up chucking everything haphazardly in boxes and sorting it out when I get to the Wonderful New House. This is all by way of saying: please entertain me by talking amongst yourselves about what you are up to. What are you reading? I myself am reading Scott Westerfeld’s Midnighters series in those moments in which I’m too tired to essay anymore. What is going on in your lives such as are presumably far more entertaining than mine at the present? Help a lady out.