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On Friday, I brought home some gorgeous guinea pigs! I thought I’d best give them a while to settle in before taking photos, and we only took a few today because I’m trying to keep them as cool as possible. Guinea pigs are very nervous creatures, particularly after having been moved. These two barely ate anything for a couple of days when I first got them, but now they’re gobbling up just about everything I put in front of them.

So, let me tell you about Pepper and Cardamom. They’re mother and daughter, and they’re golden short-hairs. I first met them several weeks ago, two hours after they’d been brought to the pet shop, and thought they were the sweetest. But I have issues with the ethics of pet shops and breeding, and, besides, I was about to move house, so I couldn’t take them. I went back to visit them many times, because, sadly, no one took them home. Eventually, I returned after having moved house, and they were still there! I had to take them. I still feel really awful about having gotten guinea pigs from a pet shop rather than a shelter as I’d been planning, but I guess I did do something good in taking them out of a crowded, loud, and brightly-lit environment. I’m now planning to help out one of the shelters from which I’d been thinking of adopting guinea pigs. E’s family had a hutch and a bunch of guinea pig-related stuff they were about to get rid of, so they kindly gave them to me. And here we are!

A round, ginger-coloured guinea pig sitting on a blue towel. My hands can be seen supporting and petting her.Here’s Cardamom. I had a bit of a struggle to name her, but I like the “mom” bit – she’s the mother – and Cardie is such a cute nickname. When I first met her, she was really, really jumpy. I mean both that she was nervous and that one time she became so much so that she literally leaped over Pepper! She has mellowed a lot, happily for her and my nerves both. She’s a pretty big pig because she’s been pregnant a few times (my teeth, they grind) (in fairness, the breeder did want someone who wasn’t planning to breed from her anymore to take her home, but still). She’s a sweetheart and loves a bit of a cuddle. She likes to turn around, put her paws on my chest and look up at me. She’s also rather a fan of my mum – I think that they should start a mothers’ group.

Pepper, a small ginger-coloured guinea pig, is padding towards the camera on a blue towel as I hold and stroke her.Pepper, the baby (she’s almost 21 weeks old, so not exactly a baby by guinea pig standards)  is having a bit of a hard time adjusting. She’s big on the squeaks and not so happy with the human contact right now, which is a pity as we’re going to have to get used to each other if I’m to do things like feed her! I’m going to give the pet shop a ring tomorrow to find out what exactly they might not have told me about her history, because her behaviour thus far is not that of a pig who has been treated well. I’m quite concerned about that, but hopefully being with her mummy will make things easier for her. She’s been nipping at my hands a lot, but today she nestled her cheek into my hand, which was really sweet. I think she’s getting a little easier with being around me. When she’s more relaxed, I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more about what she’s like, the poor love.

So, those are my pigs! I’m really happy to have them with me.