Oh, search terms, you are not my favourite. (Except for the 3153 folks who have searched for ‘sad puppy,’ you all are all right.) I have categorised these on breasts, which have doubtless largely reached here through 2009’s They are mine, they are mine, they are mine, for your perusal. Doubtless this post will bring me yet more searches of this nature. Some of these are partial, just because WordPress doesn’t always give me the full search term if it’s a long one.

My favourite is ‘large breast hiding’. HIDE AND SEEK!

Assertions and demands!
‘girls do not like their breasts’
‘let men look down your shirt’
‘boobs feel mine’

Questionable questions.
‘how do women feel about their breasts’
‘what women think about their boobs’
‘women feel about their breasts’
‘do girls like having breasts’
‘girls do not like their breasts’
‘do women like men to look at thier boobs’
‘do guys even know they are staring at yo’
‘why boys looks breasts of mine’
‘why do men stare at women’s breasts’
‘do misogynists stare at women’
‘do women stare at breasts’
‘do boobs distract boys in class’
‘how women feel when stared breast’
‘why would a man ogle my breast’
‘how do women feel about sperm on their breast’

This is true.
‘”they’re just breasts”‘
‘”staring at breasts” uncomfortable’
‘women proud of their tits’

Get away from me.
‘hard to focus eyes distracted breast’
‘women showing boys their breasts’
‘how to ogle at breasts’
‘large breasts being ogled’
‘women breast brush a men’
‘looking at breasts in workplace’
‘single women do they expect me to look a’

Bonus search terms WordPress happily cut the ends off.
‘do women mind when you brush against the’
‘how not to stare at a woman’s chest -tub’
‘if a man stares at your breasts while ta’
‘breasts that weren’t biologically separa’
‘older women brush their breasts against’
‘do woman like men looking down their shi’
‘do boys get turned on when they feel gir’
‘how do women not look down at their brea’
‘women’s reaction to men looking at their’
‘do girls not like it when boys are stari’
‘when women allow a male friend to touch’
‘something women do not know about their’
‘is it disrespectful to ask to feel a gir’
‘man constantly kept peeking at breast du’

So much focus on breasts… There are a few trends here. Firstly, there’s the sheer entitlement of the male starers. I’m finding it a bit sad that so many people are having to ask their search engines how women and girls* experience having breasts. Why is there so much looking and fascination and trying to own, and substantially less by way of attempts to understand what having breasts actually means to the havers?

*And the search terms are tending to align having breasts with being a woman or a girl in particular.