I don’t think I’ve done one of these since 2009, but it’s time to follow up on some pieces I’ve written previously.

In March, I wrote about an amazing and important project called Voces de Cambio. Well, those young women are doing fabulously; read what Lucas has to say about what they’re up to.

We’re still having a chat about nonmonosexual invisibility on the thread for We can do better than this, surely?. And, well, the post got back to the people at the Doctor Who Wiki. See the bottom of the talk page for the conversation we’re having. The status of Canton’s bio has been changed to protected, which effectively blocks new users (like me) from making any changes. Not that I’ve made any changes – I was waiting for consensus – but, well, there is now silence. I’m finding it a bit frustrating that it is so hard to get people to sit down and talk about this.

On the thread for Are we really going to do this? Part 1, Yonah asked for some thoughts on this bit: ‘I’m not a fan of pulling out an image of a few people just doing their thing as symbolic of white supremacy’. The way I’m writing at the moment is such that it takes me a few weeks to let most posts bubble and develop, at the least, if at all! But I thought that some of you might want to jump in. I’m thinking thoughts about how not all manipulation of images is done with computer-based tweaking, and how visually identifying people with an oppression they deeply oppose and/or face can harm, and the ethics of image distribution, and what happens when redirection of “this is what [group] looks like” goes horribly wrong.

Lastly, readers, I’d like to follow up with you. How are you going and what are you up to?