As much as my zero at the bone philosophy is about pouring oneself in, being constantly aware of all that is left to do, it’s also about having clarity around what one has achieved and what one has.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that positivity in my life seems to me a constant novelty. Maybe I’m just a really pessimistic person, so all good things are a pleasant surprise to me. In any case, it means that I constantly try to be aware of everything in my life there is to be grateful for.

I’m grateful for a family more interesting than any story. For good friends, who love me for who I am, even if I don’t quite understand it. For a warm bed in which I get to wake up in comfort. For the skill of my hands and the fullness of my heart. For a body that I love, and for a character in which love of a challenge and fierce engagement are prominent features. I am grateful for many chances to do what I love. For the pleasures of financial security and a full belly. I am grateful for surprises, and happiness, and life blessing me in unexpected ways.