Well, Steven Moffat and the crew have provided us with an ever so convenient and frustrating mid-series break. So it’s that time again: Doctor Who discussion thread time! Spoilers through episode seven of series six, “A Good Man Goes to War”.

So, which was the best episode? I don’t think “The Curse of the Black Spot” was as bad as everyone else seems to think it was – and, of course, not a whole lot could compare to “The Doctor’s Wife” simply because that plot has just been waiting to happen. Personally, I’ve been shipping the Doctor and the TARDIS for years! “The Rebel Flesh” definitely had the best title, but I can never resist a big ensemble, getting the old favourites back together, and “A Good Man Goes to War” was so clever, so that’s my favourite.

Did you guess River Song’s identity? I try to avoid trying to figure out show secrets so I can be surprised, but I did try towards the end there. I never would have thought it! I thought long ago that River was imprisoned for killing the Doctor, but then dismissed it because the Doctor can’t die! not yet! and now it seems that this is probably the case. But people!! Seriously!! Now more questions than answers!! How did she end up in the fifty-first century? How did the Doctor and River end up, well, you know. What happens to Rory and Amy by the time of “Silence in the Library”/”Forest of the Dead” from River’s perspective? How long was Moffat planning this twist – since before he thought up Amy’s name? Probably!

Lastly, Madame Vastra and Jenny are love, pure love. Apparently the idea of them having their own series is quite popular. Who could turn down Victorian interspecies lesbian crimefighters, after all? Moffat has a title all lined up with Tipping the Scales. I would watch that show. I would watch that show so hard.

So, what have you thought so far? WordPress is being a little difficult, so you might have to scroll right to the bottom of the page to write your comment in.