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Well, Cardamom and Pepper have been part of the household for six weeks now, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Cardamom is a serene being, where Pepper’s main joy in life seems to be running around her hutch as fast as possible and jumping about. She likes to jump about so much, in fact, that she’ll run into her little pink house and one can see it hopping about with Pepper-propulsion. The idea is that she’ll shift the direction of her front door to her comfort. It’s hilarious when she shifts the front door to the hutch wall and then realises she has to move it again to get out. Cardamom is quite gracious about all of this, going off to quietly munch some vegetables when her daughter gets to redecorating. We’re experimenting with bedding and food still, but hopefully we’ll find something that suits us all and keep getting used to each other, with a great deal of trembling and nerves and squeaks and deep suspicion of oranges on all sides – yes, including mine.

Here’s Pepper hiding from the scary humans behind her mummy.
Pepper, a small ginger guinea pig, hides behind Cardamom, a larger ginger guinea pig. They're on straw bedding, surrounded by food.

But where has the food gone?
Pepper, a small ginger guinea pig, has her head pressed against that of Cardamom, a larger ginger guinea pig. They're on straw bedding, surrounded by food, staring at an empty bowl.

Chally and Cardie gaze moodily off into the distance, the posers, with the assistance of the favourite blue towel.
Cardamom, a large ginger guinea pig, sits on a blue towel, held by Chally, in a cream hoodie and glasses. Both are gazing contemplatively into the distance, Chally jokingly so.

Pepper has no idea what on earth is happening, but hopefully Chally will let her get back to her decorating soon.
Chally, in a cream hoodie and glasses, is holding Pepper with her right hand around Pepper's middle and her left hand supporting Pepper's rear. Chally is smiling, and Pepper doesn't seem quite sure what to think.

Those are some sweet and unusual guinea pigs, all right.