At 1.30 on Monday the 11th, I’m going to be speaking at the Network of Women Students Australia 2011 conference. I’m running a workshop called Writing Feminism, the blurb being this:

“How do feminists organise through writing, and in what ways is writing women’s work? We will be looking at these questions as we explore the ever-expanding world of feminist writing, blogging, and journalism communities. Building a better world is so much a matter of the kinds of stories we tell each other, and how we write ourselves into it. Join in as we share skills, knowledge and experience towards helping you make that happen. Writing Feminism is about expanding your ideas of the kinds of connections and organising that can be had, especially online, as well as fostering your feminist self as a writer.”

If I don’t vomit or die*, fun times will be had by all. There will be activities, discussion, and you can come and listen to me crap on about the feminist blogosphere, women’s narratives, confidence, and paid work.

You can register for NOWSA on their website. It’s being run at the University of New South Wales this year, and it should be fabulous.

*Ohhh, you think I’m joking, don’t you?