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On being black and not existing by little_seahorse:

“There are some things i’ve said to people over the years, about being Aboriginal, and growing up in a racist country where leading academics assert that I don’t exist. I wanted to put those things down here with my thoughts.”

My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant by Jose Antonio Vargas at the New York Times:

“One day when I was 16, I rode my bike to the nearby D.M.V. office to get my driver’s permit. Some of my friends already had their licenses, so I figured it was time. But when I handed the clerk my green card as proof of U.S. residency, she flipped it around, examining it. “This is fake,” she whispered. “Don’t come back here again.””

Why Faces of Other Races Look Alike by Remy Malina at LiveScience:

“The brain works differently when memorizing the face of a person from one’s own race than when attempting to remember the face of someone of another race, new biological evidence suggests.”

Fake Goods: An Australian born Chinese in China by Monica Tan at KAPOOKABABY:

“Being ‘hua-ren’ means I have a rare opportunity: a foreigner with full access. And in this process of discovery I find myself changed. Not so much a transformation, as a new ambidexterity. I have not lost myself, but gained a new self.”

The Exoticism of South Asian Queer Women by Anurag at Racialicious:

“White queer women often feel subject to this objectification and misogyny in the queer community. However, South Asian queer women and other queer women of color have a level of exoticism, or some may experience it as tokenization, that we have to deal with that most white women do not.”

My Summer at an Indian Call Center by Andrew Marantz at Mother Jones:

“I stand flush against the window of a Toyota showroom, trying to stay in a shrinking sliver of shade. We’re on the cusp of midday, which, in Delhi in June, lasts most of the day and drives everyone into a languid torpor. I am waiting for a company cab, now an hour and a half late, to drive me across town to a call center, where an Indian “culture trainer” will teach me how to act Australian.”