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81. I went up the Sydney Harbour Bridge for my 13th birthday. Nothing quite like people singing “Happy Birthday” to you on top of that thing!
82. I stay for the credits in movies. It only seems polite.
83. Way too much in this list has changed since I started writing it.
84. I graduated from university before I finished high school. I’m really not sure how that worked, either.
85. I’ve had my children’s names picked out for years. Possibly there might be another parent involved who wants to have a say in this matter, but pah. Pah.
86. I’m very into zucchini chips, cake, hash browns, salad sandwiches and ice cream. Not together.
87. I’ve got a collection of bedsocks. Most of them were knitted by my great-grandmother.
88. I miss the TV ads from 1994, when there was still artistry. Ads should be beautiful – I’m really not sure what’s supposed to be appealing in the vast majority of the advertising I see now.
89. I’m using about six email addresses at the moment, but snail mail is still my favourite.
90. I used to play the violin.