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Boundaries, by Nahida at the fatal feminist, which reminded me of Touch:

Understanding that you are not entitled to someone else’s space no matter how well-intended you may be, that you are not entitled to someone else’s yes, and that this someone else is a whole and complete person with different needs, creates not only a deeper level of intimacy, understanding, and love amongst friends but forges a genuine respect of the bodily autonomy and rights of strangers.

ugh by angergirl:

It’s ludicrous to assign some sort of magical quality to same-gender friendships and claim that it originates from their percieved “straightness”.

Do Only White Models Get to be Ugly? by Alex at Fashion Mole:

How can beauty standards for models of color evolve when it is a struggle to simply put one on the cover of a magazine?

Futures not our own by Neville Park:

This is why I’m ridiculously excited about religion in sf: I think sf expands the boundaries of theological questions like no other popular medium.

Lastly, Queer Secrets, which works similarly to PostSecret. It is terribly sad and moving.