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It’s been a couple of years, actually, since I’ve done a Wordle post. How do you use Wordle? You (well, maybe not you, it is not so much with the accessibility as best I can tell) plug in a bunch of text, it picks out the most common words used, apart from ‘and,’ ‘the,’ etc, and you get to arrange it prettily in a wordcloud. For this Wordle, I’ve used the 50 most common words on this blog for August 2011. Click on it for a larger version.
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In leafy tones (such as orange, green, and yellow), from the top left down, working towards the bottom right, the words are: woman, life, rather, otherness, know, white, now, love, people, around, always, sure, find, wrong, one, religious, many, man, lives, just, history, wrong, young, give, ways, queer, best, even, time, well, want, way, like, going, might, person, much, single, books, okay, something, friends, think, main, part, women, story, social, faith, still, and write.

I think this is a beautiful way of mapping out where my thoughts were over the last month, and seeing the themes I want to return to: singleness, faith, whiteness, storytelling…