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O.L.S.I.O.H.T.P. (Obvious Lesbian Subtext in Ostensibly Heterosexual Television Programming) by Maeve reminded me a bit of my Subtext revisited.

The delight we take in getting attached to these characters, despite our text always being sub, is an unrequited desire all of its own.

At lip magazine, Kaylia Payne takes down the idea that divorce is for lazy people, right?

Joanna at Willow Dove wants the Australian disability community to take a step back and think about how we do community in steps to a community.

When am I trans? by Queen Emily at Questioning Transphobia:

I want to know: When are we real? Where are we real? For whom? Why are we not considered real, when we are not? What would we need to change materially and culturally to become considered real as we are?

“Ooh, heaven is a place on earth”: Looking back on His Dark Materials. Neville Park has a gorgeous exploration of His Dark Materials, one of my favourite series, with a theological focus. And there’s a Belinda Carlisle reference in the title; how can you go wrong?