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Here’s T.V. Carpio singing The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in Across the Universe (2007). I’ve not seen the film, but now I think I ought to: what a sublime performance. I’m always pleased to see an Asian actor in a Western production, and an Asian character in focus, because they’re almost nowhere in Hollywood. And, when they are, they’re usually silent, and almost definitely not singing. And here’s a young Asian woman singing about queer desire, which really lights up some joy in my heart.

Lyrics here. On a football field, a young woman in a green and yellow cheerleader uniform is watching female cheerleaders and male footballers, also dressed in green and yellow uniforms. She turns back towards the camera and starts sorrowfully singing as she walks towards the bleachers. She turns back to look at the object of her affections, who is talking to a footballer. Shots of the young woman sitting on the bleachers are intercut with shots from her viewpoint, watching the players and cheerleaders running about, practising, and talking on the field. Cut to the young woman walking across the field, somehow missing the footballers practising around her. Having made it through, she walks towards the gate at the edge of the field.