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Here are some blogs I am adding to the blogroll. Some of these I’ve been reading for absolutely yonks – since their inception in a couple of cases! – but I simply hadn’t moved them out of the ‘new’ folder in my feedreader yet.

  • feminaust – New Australian feminist group blog, with some chock-full weekly linkposts and much variety.
  • Geek Feminism – Geek is broadly defined, so you’re going to have a ball reading this lot.
  • lip magazine – An Australian online lady magazine definitely worth checking out.
  • Musings of an Inappropriate Woman – The blog of Rachel Hills, esteemed Australian feminist freelancer type, new Londoner, and wife-to-be.
  • Neville Park – Writing from Toronto on science fiction, class, and religion.
  • the fatal feminist – Nahida writes on life and theology as a Muslim feminist. It’s pretty great.
  • the feminist librarian – Feminism! Librarianism! Whovianism! Anna has all of my favourite things going on.
  • Urocyon’s Meanderings – If you like your social justice blogging long and meaty, here’s where to go.
  • And, for the comics section, Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto. It’s the hilarious and slightly fantastic story of Hazel, who has attained a singularly useless English degree (that’ll be me shortly!) and is now living life in a small town with a gloriously winning cast of characters which includes a talking cactus.

It’s been a bit sad going through my feedreader and weeding out the great blogs that haven’t updated in ages. It’s sad to often not know what has happened to a favourite or thoughtful blogger. Are they okay? Has something terrible happened to them, or have they just moved on?

I guess that’s the thing about a medium like this: it can be so ephemeral. It’s relatively easy to build up a presence and community, a patch of cyberspace to call your very own, and then easier again to disappear.

That is one of the things that has made expanding my Internet world beyond the Internet so valuable. The exchanged letters, the coffees, and the lending of books with people I met on the Internet has a particular kind of delight. It’s good to not have the only tangible thing about this part of my life be my computer, and see different parts of my community and world intertwine.

So here’s to the Internet people who became the offline people, to the discovery of new voices, and to those who are no longer hanging around in these parts but are hopefully okay somewhere!