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Links on instances in which we try to remake others or ourselves according to societal dictates.

annajcook at the Pursuit of Harpyness writes Acting Queer: Dis-jointed Thoughts on “Playing Gay”:

It’s two slightly different situations, but with fundamentally the same questions being asked: when someone (assumed to be straight) play-acts at being (in some way not-straight), to what extent is that acting appropriating the sexual desires of actual non-straight individuals, and to what extent are they perhaps acknowledging their own fluidity or ambiguity of desire. And does it matter on a political or cultural level that these incidents happen?

blue milk, an economist, writes a solid takedown of myths about the gender wage gap in Feminists are not your enemy.

Guest posting at Feministe, Kristen J. writes Bringing it Back Down to Reality…Sort Of:

I don’t think we are seeking justice and equality when we attempt to *fix* one another. Instead, I think we need to radically alter our institutions of social justice to listen to people who are asking for assistance, to meet their needs as they define them, and to meet those needs in the way that respects their perspective.

Also at Feministe, For Lovers And Fighters (Or, Wherein I Fangirl Dean Spade) from Sarah Jaffe, in which she talks about how capitalist models of love and romance affect our lives.

At The American Scholar, Emily Barnard’s piece Fired hit me really hard.