Actually, I spent most of Saturday semi-conscious, but here are the other things with which I have concerned myself:

1. It is almost the end of September, and, as such, it is time to submit to DUFC. All the details for submitting to the Down Under Feminists Carnival are here. Get on that.

2. I spent today advocating same-sex marriage, getting a serious workout, and meeting celebrities. You can read all about my socially fun and physically painful time filming a pro-same-sex marriage ad in Hoydens About Town Hall.

3. People, my legs are still in an unhappy state after item two. There is a pile of essays to do during this so called mid-semester “break,” and you know I will not finish them because there will inevitably be too much to do. Please inform me of fun things going on in your life because I am in a perpetual state of sleep-deprived overworkedness. Who are these fabled Arts students with time on their hands?!