You’ve heard me saying that blogging was my only vice. It just felt like time for an ABBA “quote”. You know, I’ve had nebulous thoughts on that song for about a year now that I don’t think will ever resolve into a post, about how it represents a bizarre and normalised brand of jealous monogamy… but, that aside, I bring you meta.

I have done something I will potentially regret and seek to undo, but, regardless, for now: here’s Zero at the Bone’s new Facebook page. If you’ve got Facebook, you should click the “like” button on the page, because then I will be able to determine its usefulness. You can also leave a comment and tell me about the sort of thing you would like to see on the page! Perhaps we can have threads for post suggestions, or you can ask me questions, or something like that? I do not know. You tell me.

I am also followable on Twitter as @ChallyWrites and @ChallyZatB. The former tends to have more by way of blog updates, links, and beloved meta, and the latter more of personal things, guinea pigs, and general hilarity. I am a big fan of reader email, which you can send to chally.zeroatthebone [at] gmail.com. I love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

I am also thinking about the ways in which I use the Internet, and how I tend to stay tied to my computer for far too long, checking my email thirty times a day. Maybe? I don’t actually know how many times I check my email in a given day. Too many! And I am thinking about how this is tied up with anxieties about What Will Happen if I am away from the Internet. But, actually, it is unlikely in the extreme that I am going to receive any emails or have to deal with anything Internetwise that cannot wait for a day, or two, or three.

So I am going to be a bit radical in trying to reclaim some of my time and energy and thought back, and have a few periods of one, or two, or three days over the next little while during which I do not use the Internet. I am sure I could get a lot more done: I have to read about a thousand pages for uni next week, some of it in Middle English, over and above writing essays. This itself is a prescheduled post which I wrote on Wednesday afternoon, and rather wet it is out, too. I do not have to be available to everyone, and it is no great disservice to anyone if their email goes unanswered for another twelve hours, or their blog comment unapproved. There is not, dear brain, anything that is really likely to go wrong.

I hope you find ways to do what’s right for you, too, readers.