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91. I am not ticklish. I used to be, on my feet mostly.
92. I have really low blood pressure. Human-normal is my horribly high.
93. Further to number 83, it really bothers me that things about oneself that seem reasonably solid can change with this kind of rapidity. I do not like change.
94. The thought of body modification leads me to immediately take deep, slow breaths. I’ve got no problem with other people doing it, but I struggle with even clip-on earrings.
95. When I read, the voice that “narrates” in my head is usually mine, but sometimes it will switch to the author’s if I’ve heard them speak.
96. I am not exactly what you’d call tidy.
97. I love the rain; it frees up something inside me.
98. I have very long toes. They’ve been known to fold under my feet when I walk, and that really hurts.
99. I can stand hot weather fine. 42 degrees? No problem, I’ll just carry around a water bottle. Humidity, however, is the worst.
100. Books are preferable company to humans.

Well, I’ve been working on this meme for almost three years now, so I think this post deserves the milestones tag. Goodness me.