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1. I’ve a piece up at Global Comment on the rather tenuous situation in Burma at the moment as they start to move into democratic reform.

2. In connection with that, at Hoyden About Town, I’m asking about the kinds of news stories mainstream Western media doesn’t tend to report.

3. My previous post was my 500th. I’m surprised that I’ve had 500 things to say, and that more seem to keep coming! I rather thought – and think! – of this blog as something I’d stop once the well ran dry, but it hasn’t yet, and I’ve been writing this thing for almost three years now.

4. There has been some serious updating going on over at the Down Under Feminists Carnival website. All the lost carnivals have been restored, and changed URLs supplied. Go forth and go back into DUFC history! I’m also asking for suggestions as to how the carnival is run. And don’t forget that you yourself can volunteer to run it one month – just check out the future hosts page and volunteer for any upcoming month that’s not covered by emailing me: chally [dot] zeroatthebone [at] gmail [dot] com.

5. I’ve ever so much I want to write, and not nearly enough time and energy to write it in and with. There are posts coming up on race in my favourite science fiction short story (I’ve been writing a lot about race, lately, and science fiction, haven’t I?!), and politeness, and there’s something in my drafts folder on quinoa. There will be more guinea pig photos soon, but first the pigs have a special surprise. And I’m making some headway with the 2011 Reading List of Enormity, too.

I need to rename this blog The Most Meta Blog on the Internet.