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The guinea pigs have a new hutch. You’d think they’d be grateful for all the sweat and hammering that went into it, but, instead, they rather seem to enjoy chewing it…? Which might be a kind of gratefulness, I suppose. They prefer it to chewy guinea pig treats, so I don’t even know what’s going on there. Frequent admonitions along the lines of ‘Pepper. Pepper. Stop eating the house, Pepper! The house is not food! Not food’ do not seem to help. Oh well: as long as they’re enjoying themselves, and it doesn’t seem to be toxic.

Did I mention the hutch is pretty? There are little heart-shaped catches for the doors and everything.

A wooden two storey guinea pig hutch, lined with newspaper. Some food and a small pink guinea pig house are visible inside.

They’re nosing their way about. Cardie is more inclined to sit and occasionally wander on dignified expeditions, as ever, while Pepper prefers to run around.

In the bottom of the hutch, Cardamom is under the ramp, nestled by the pink house. Pepper is facing towards her, away from the camera, with a stretched-out body.

But there’s always time to huddle and whisper about what devious plans the human might pull next.

Pepper is behind the ramp, and Cardie is positioned across it. Their noses almost touch.

Cardamom has a rather distinguished leonine appearance. She is, however, too dignified to roar – or make many sounds at all, really, unlike her happily squeaking baby. What she has taken to is licking my hands like the world is going to end. I am not sure if this is

a) a sign of affection,
b) a sign that she is lacking in salty nutrients,
c) a sign that human flesh is simply delicious, or
d) a sign that she thinks I am her cub and that it is her responsibility to clean me.

c) and d) would tend to support the theory that she is secretly a lion. Anyway, we have fun.

Pepper has developed an interest in being swung about, singing and bright colours. She is, in short, acting like a toddler. I am thinking it might be an idea to get the picture books out soon. She has also developed an affinity for climbing up on my shoulder. One time, I took her down, but she climbed right back up again. Asked if she was a parrot, she beamed at me happily. She really likes being a parrot!

I am very glad to have them in my life.