Don’t worry, Matthew Arnold, only two more months of destroying your beautiful poem to go.


Thing the first: I, Chally Kacelnik, am in this year’s edition of Made You Look, the NSW government’s annual magazine in connection with the Don’t DIS My ABILITY campaign. Or, at least someone called Chally Kaselnik is, but I’m going to go with that being funny. You can pick it up basically… everywhere in NSW. Click here to find out where you can get MYL 2011, and also for PDF and RTF copies. I’m in there talking about disability and the Internet, particularly in terms of blogs and social networking. I’ve been so ludicrously busy with the end of the semester that I’ve got read the whole thing yet, but, going on last year’s mag, it should be pretty good.

Thing the second: The latest edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival is up at Pondering Postfeminism! Thanks for all your hard work, Pen! You can find out how to submit to the next one at the Down Under Feminists Carnival homepage. While you’re there, we need your input on DUFC change-making, so pop on over to the comments section.