“Shadow Feet” by Brooke Fraser – Lyrics here and description at Wikipedia.

“Into Dust” by Mazzy Star – Lyrics here. Mazzy Star performing on a dark MTV stage.

“Bloodstained Heart” by Daren Hayes – Lyrics here. Darren and a friend sit together on a beach, then there’s a cut to Darren singing to her in a bed. The clip moves to Darren and the friend smiling while he follows her around a beach, a long, light room, a staircase. Throughout the clip, there are shots of Darren singing in a room by himself. The staircase ends on top of a building, and she looks back to see him framed in a doorway. He moves to her, and they hug, and then also hug on the beach. In both scenes, they take hands and look at each other, then let go, run, and leap into the air. The closing shot is of the two cuddled together on the bed; the shot widens and it becomes apparent that they are in a hospital room.