• Ginger and Honey: Stephanie writes gorgeous, occasional, literary reflections on life.
  • lecta: my buddy Mary’s pretty much everywhere, but this is her homepage!
  • Consider the Tea Cosy: Aoife writing feminism from Ireland.
  • Practically Marzipan: is Aishwarya’s collection of her columns on books. Most excellent.
  • contradictory multitudes: is a new social justice blog by brownflotsam, and is shaping up to be really solid.
  • Double Antandre: another new Downunderish blog, for when you like your social justice writing long and passionate.
  • Miss Mary Max: all the smart queer feminist goodness you could want.
  • Muslimah Media Watch: have a new home!
  • And another one for the comics section, Misfile, about what happens when an incompetent angel misfiles some papers, making Emily two years younger and classifying Ash as a girl. Ash can’t wait to have his life turned back, but Emily’s not so sure she wants her own life fixed.