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Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, standing in an outdoor setting. My arms are folded across my chest and I am smiling. I am wearing a floor-length blue dress and a wrap in a different shade of blue.

Well, we’re on day 5 of my Dressember fundraising campaign for the the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. You should click on through there to read about why the hospital is so important, and what on earth dresses have to do with this. I’m pleased to say that we’ve raised $182 towards my $500 goal so far, which is just fantastic. Here’s the donations page. But Dressember of course requires one to support a women’s charity by wearing a dress every day for the month of December, so here’s what I’ve been wearing over the last three days…

So, December 3rd! This one has a story that leads on from Dress #2, because it’s another one that was too big for me when I was given it at 14. For that matter, I still haven’t grown into it. I’m reasonably tall, but I don’t think I’m going to become tall enough! It’s a very lovely dress, and it’s been most servicable indeed for theatrical and fancy dress purposes in particular.

Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, standing on a concrete ledge before a beach. I have my hands on my hips and am smiling. I am wearing a light blue denim dress and a blue t-shirt with an anthropomorphic rainbow on it. I have a long glove on my left arm and a rainbow knee-length sock on my right leg, with cream-coloured shoes. Surf lifesavers are behind me.

On day four, I went to the beach. I went, in fact, to Manly Beach, which will be the setting for the Sydney Summery Femosphere Meetup on December 18. How exciting! We would love to see you there. I’m only sorry that it’s so overcast (it started to rain right after this picture) because Manly’s a truly beautiful beach and, as we say in my country, totes historical.

This is the second time I have tried out this outfit. It attracts a lot of question marks to the space above people’s heads. The first time I wore this was on a day when I couldn’t locate the other glove and thought, why not? The dress is Forever New, the t-shirt is Threadless, and the glove is one of a pair from We Love Colors. Yes, I do love blue, fancyness and rainbows, why do you ask?

Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, standing in an outdoor setting. I am wearing a blue cropped jacket/cardigan/thing tied over a green maxi dress with pink and yellow flowers on it.

Here’s what I’m wearing now. I saved this dress for today because I caught up with the dear friend who gave it to me, whom I haven’t seen in several months. She has a matching one in pink. It’s a wonderful dress, full of the things I like in my clothing: bright colours, freedom of movement, and reminders of people who are important in my life. Even though I don’t see her very often – she has a truly astounding work schedule – it’s a reminder of what an important place in my life she holds.

… wow, my hair changes a lot from day to day.

So, that’s all so far. I’m really thankful for the response so far, both in terms of money (maybe we’ll even reach over $500?) and offers to lend me dresses. Again, here’s the donations page.