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Did you hear about Emma Sullivan? She’s a teen from Kansas in the United States who was chastened! chastened as though a naughty brat! by her state governor’s office for a tweet, only to enjoy a huge groundswell of support from people who think teens shouldn’t be treated like they are inherently silly. Well, you know how I am about those youth and their political opinions, having spent my teens writing newspaper columns and political blogs and whatnot. David Zax included some of his interview with me in his article about Emma Sullivan’s story for Fast Company.

Another thing I really care about: marriage. I think people should be able to do it legally, irrespective of gender. I am also worried about how the huge focus on marriage as the main thing in LGBT rights in Australia is taking away attention from a) the remaining and far more urgent holes in LGBT rights and b) the extraordinary developments in LGBT rights over even the last year. I wrote about it for Global Comment in a piece called Marriage isn’t everything: the other fights for LGBT rights in Australia. Please go read it, it took a whole lot of research and you can learn many things!

Lastly, Penny Wong is a fair bit my hero, smashing All the Boundaries as the federal senate’s own queer female Asian finance minister. She’s been copping a fair bit of racism and homophobia, and more since the change in Labor party policy to support same-sex marriage over the weekend. At Hoyden About Town, I talk about how the Australian media are getting it so deeply, deeply wrong (look you guys! I managed to write the word wrong without turning it into a racist joke about the Senator’s surname!) in Homophobia and racism: the Australian media prove they can do two things at once, the “clever” creatures.

I think we can say I’ve officially ended my post-exams non-writing exhaustion slump. Clearly I do not celebrate my results by “partying,” “relaxing,” or whatever else it is the youth do, but by more writing! Everybody wins.