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Me, a pale woman with glasses and curly hair, smiling while standing against a red wall, with my hands on my hips. I am wearing my hair in two buns, and a pink dress with a white underlayer and a paler pink ribbon around the waist.
It’s Day 18! My Dressember fundraising campaign is going beautifully, presently clocking in at $832, not counting pledges. I can well believe we’ll make the new $1000 goal. Thanks again for contributing and spreading the word!

A reminder as to what it’s all about: I decided to put my experiments in and thinking around femininity and feminism towards a good cause, and signed up for Dressember, in which one is sponsored to wear dresses for a month in support of a women’s charity. I’m raising funds for the Hamlin Fistula® Relief and Aid Fund, which is the Australian representative of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Fistulas are obstetric holes that develop during obstructed pregnancies, and they disproportionately affect youth and those who don’t have sufficient nutrition. They’re almost non-existent in the Western world, but thousands of cases develop each year in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital is the only one of its kind in Ethiopia, and cures 93% of cases. It provides a home and employment for those with the other 7%, and is also training midwives so that fistulas will be minimised in Ethiopia in future. I’ve been passionate about this work for many years, and would appreciate anything you can donate towards my month-long fundraising campaign.

Me, a pale woman with glasses and temporarily straightened hair, stand in an outdoor setting with my hands on my hips. I am wearing a blue cropped cardigan over a blue knee-length dress. Thursday’s dress is my favourite party dress. I was worrying a little about what I was going to say about this dress because there were only two stories attached to it: that I wore it for my nineteenth birthday celebration with my family, and that I wore it on an upsetting night earlier this year on which I took a hard look at the kinds of friendship I was seeking. But Thursday brought a third memory, one of spending time with a dear friend and the world’s flattest/densest chocolate mud cake.

My dress of the sixteenth is a strapless blue number. I have lots of fun memories of wearing this one to the beach and on holidays. I had a lovely time on Friday with the very blue blue of the outfit, which matches my new glasses (well, I’ve had them for five or six weeks, say) and is also my favourite colour. Blue’s so diverse; one can feel anything from calm to happiness to melancholy radiating from it.

Me, a pale woman with glasses and temporarily straightened hair, stand in an outdoor setting holding a small orange guinea pig. I am wearing a long orange dress with a darker orange cropped cardigan as well as an orange and green necklace.Saturday was Pepper’s first birthday, so I borrowed my mother’s orange dress for the occasion (the cardi is mine) (also the Cardie) (bah dum tish). In this photo, Cardamom herself is out of shot, watching to see that I’m holding her baby properly and likely reflecting on what a truly fabulous and devoted mother she is. If you are holding her baby, you’d better believe she is watching you with some intensity to make sure that you’re doing it right. You shall have to guess which orange lady is Pepper and which is yours truly. I have to confess that I actually staged this photo today during part two of Pepper’s weekend-long birthday extravaganza. Pepper is really enjoying herself: she was so excited at her present of a newspaper tunnel, for instance, she went for it before her breakfast. She squeaked excitedly at the start of “Happy Birthday” and then got distracted and started licking my hand. I finally introduced her to the powers of television this morning in the form of Peppa Pig, which she found fascinating. She is the silliest, and now she is one year old!

Me, a pale woman with glasses and temporarily straightened hair, in an outdoor setting. I have my hands behind my back. I am wearing a yellow short-sleeved cardigan over a yellow dress of knee length.I did of course at once get changed into today’s dress, one I’ve been saving up for today. I got this one just before I turned sixteen. Yellow was very much out of fashion at the time and it took a long while to find the yellow dress in my head. I’m glad I did manage to find it, as it’s so sunshine-y and bright and happy-making! It’s now going to have memories of today attached to it, as I had a lovely time at the latest Sydney femblogger meet up.

(My goodness, it’s been a few days of block colours, has it not?)

That’s it once more. Please donate to the campaign and/or spread the word if you’re so inclined and able.