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Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, in an outdoor setting, smiling, with my hands behind my back. I am wearing a dress patterned in pink and black.
Three weeks in and we’re at $902, which is about three times what I thought the total for the whole month would be. And there are pledges on top of that towards the Dressember fundraising campaign! I’m so thankful to everyone who is contributing, spreading the word, or just enjoying the posts and being aware of this issue.

A reminder as to what it’s all about: I decided to put my experiments in and thinking around femininity and feminism towards a good cause, and signed up for Dressember, in which one is sponsored to wear dresses for a month in support of a women’s charity. I’m raising funds for the Hamlin Fistula® Relief and Aid Fund, which is the Australian representative of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Fistulas are obstetric holes that develop during obstructed pregnancies, and they disproportionately affect youth and those who don’t have sufficient nutrition. They’re almost non-existent in the Western world, but thousands of cases develop each year in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital is the only one of its kind in Ethiopia, and cures 93% of cases. It provides a home and employment for those with the other 7%, and is also training midwives so that fistulas will be minimised in Ethiopia in future. I’ve been passionate about this work for many years, and would appreciate anything you can donate towards my month-long fundraising campaign.
Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, in an outdoor setting, smiling, with my hands behind my back. I am wearing a white jacket over a dress with a floral pattern and pink bands around the waist, neck and hem, and two down the front.
Monday’s dress is yet another hand-me-down, again from my mother. I am so apathetic about clothes shopping, so it’s lucky I have someone willing to give me many gorgeous clothes. I love me a wraparound dress. I wear a lot of pink and black, so it matches a lot in my wardrobe: I might add in a pink top and black boots, or even my famous faux-Victorian pink hat with a black veil and black feathers. This dress suits me, I think.

Tuesday’s is a lovely cool summer dress. I bought it in Bondi, not too far from the famous beach. I don’t think I’ve ever set foot on the beach, even though I’ve lived in Sydney my entire life, because it’s chock full of tourists from five in the morning. Anyway! The dress is not fitting terribly well anymore. It’s tempting to take the dress apart and use the gorgeous material for another project. But I can’t quite bear to mess up the gorgeous design and store it with my old bits of pyjama and curtain fabric.

Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, in an outdoor setting, smiling, with my hands behind my back. I am wearing an asymmetrical cream dress with sparkles, and a transparent white net top over it.I decided it was time for another formal dress today. I got this dress at fourteen, when I was the mistress of ceremonies at a wedding anniversary. I like the asymmetry, and a gauze component to the dress which you can’t see in this photograph. The cut has never been quite right on me, and it still doesn’t really suit me, but apparently I can fit into it well enough for today! One might wonder why I still have it at all: I’m saving it to hand on to my kids. I keep the “for the kids” dresses to the extreme left of my cupboard.

That’s it once more. Please donate to the campaign and/or spread the word if you’re so inclined and able.