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Back to the hutch, by popular request.

The guinea pigs huddle with their noses together behind a pile of lucerne. They're looking at the camera out of the corners of their eyes.

Human, what is this shiny metal flash thing and why are you pointing it at us?

Pepper, a little orange guinea pig, next to a pile of lucerne.

Pepper has been very quiet over the last few days, since she turned one. Perhaps she is contemplating the maturity required for young adulthood. She still looks like a baby to me, but she’s plumpening. Pepper has learned the marvellous trick of putting her paws on my wrist and standing up on her back feet. She loves high vantage points: so many interesting things in the world to see!

Cardamom, a ginger guinea pig, poses on some newspaper.

Cardamom is her usual gorgeous self. She may knock you out at ten paces with the intense emotion pouring from her eyes. They’re a lovely pink colour. She has a tendency to sit in the dark and watch while someone is holding Pepper, and the laser pink glow of watchfulness is enough to make you be very concerned for your personal safety in the unlikely event Pepper should return to her mother less than happy. She enjoys sitting on my hands and chasing them around when the silly flappy things manage to escape her clutches. “Settle down, young one,” she seems to be saying.

Pepper follows Cardamom as they run to the right of the shot. There are pellets and vegetables in front of Cardamom.

Pepper is still very much her mummy’s girl. She’ll climb on top of Cardamom when she is frightened. (The human has to clean their hutch sometimes, and this produces scary noises!) It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but I don’t want to scare her intentionally and try to leave them alone as quickly as possible when I do, so I have no images of it. Here she is running after Cardie.

The guinea pigs, with the food still in front of Cardamom, pose facing the camera.

I think this is a gorgeous shot. Let’s leave little Molly and Ginny Weasley to their veggies, shall we?