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Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, in an outdoor setting, with my hands behind my back. I am wearing a floor-length long-sleeved dress patterned in red and purple.
Six days to go, and forty-eight dollars until we reach the one thousand mark on the Dressember fundraising campaign. I’m fast running out of dresses, both mine and other people’s, so I might have to get creative and this could get interesting. Again, thank you very much indeed to everyone who is contributing, spreading the word, or just enjoying the posts and being aware of this issue.

A reminder as to what it’s all about: I decided to put my experiments in and thinking around femininity and feminism towards a good cause, and signed up for Dressember, in which one is sponsored to wear dresses for a month in support of a women’s charity. I’m raising funds for the Hamlin Fistula® Relief and Aid Fund, which is the Australian representative of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Fistulas are obstetric holes that develop during obstructed pregnancies, and they disproportionately affect youth and those who don’t have sufficient nutrition. They’re almost non-existent in the Western world, but thousands of cases develop each year in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital is the only one of its kind in Ethiopia, and cures 93% of cases. It provides a home and employment for those with the other 7%, and is also training midwives so that fistulas will be minimised in Ethiopia in future. I’ve been passionate about this work for many years, and would appreciate anything you can donate towards my month-long fundraising campaign.

Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, in an outdoor setting, with my hands at my sides. I am wearing a white knee-length dress with a corduroy jacket, also white.Thursday’s dress was very kindly mailed to me by reader Hedgepig. Remarkably, it fits me perfectly, which tells you that not only is Hedgepig generous, but she also has amazing visual-spatial skills. I love flowy, floor-length clothes, but most of mine fitting that description are skirts, so it’ll be so nice to have this in my wardrobe. It has an interesting dotty pattern that looks very different close up and far away. It’s going to keep me entertained, this one. Thanks again, Hedgepig!!

Friday’s dress is loving and giving – er, sorry, this is kind of reminding me of a nursery rhyme called “Monday’s Child”. Friday’s dress is very similar to my dress of the fourteenth. That’s because they were both designed by Sydneysider Lily Whyt. Hey, I go with what works, and I’ve had this one for years, so long that its stories have all blended together. Yes, I do like a bit of repetition, as may or may not also be evident with the presence of two corduroy jackets in this post.

Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, in an outdoor setting, with my hands on my hips. I am wearing a long pink dress with a corduroy jacket, also pink.Speaking of which, let me introduce you to Saturday’s dress – or, I would, but it’s not strictly speaking a dress. (I told you I’d have to get creative.) It’s a hand-me-down slip I’ve been periodically contemplating working as a dress. We’ll have to see how that goes. I’m thinking an overlayer that I can, excuse the pun, slip on and off the top of it. It looks like a trip to the fabric store may be happening at some stage – perhaps when I’ve used all the spare material in my sewing basket. Pale pink and sheer, what do you think?

Me, a pale woman with curly hair and glasses, in an outdoor setting, with my hands behind my back. I am wearing a knee-length black dress with pockets, some pinstripe sections, a bubble skirt, and an extra layer of material over the shoulders.I am very fond of today’s dress. I’m glad the bubble skirt trend deflated a little by the time I got this, because the bubble skirt on this dress is a beautiful feature without being too distracting. This dress has got loads of cool little features, like the extra bit I have to arrange over my shoulders, deep pockets, (which are useful and should be on more women’s clothes) and a really lovely and unusual cut.

That’s it once more. Please donate to the campaign and/or spread the word if you’re so inclined and able.