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Yesterday was a most significant event: Cardamom’s second birthday. Here’s the birthday lady, looking very dignified on the occasion.

A close up of Cardamom, a red guinea pig with pink eyes.

And it was an occasion. There was lots of parsley – parsley is the yummiest – and even a card(amom). Also, the top floor of the hutch, where they were hanging out, was decorated with pipecleaners, which look yellow and orange in this photograph but are respectively orange and red. There was also a gift of newspaper tunnels. Newspaper tunnels have been very popular this week. Pepper destroyed the first by going through it so many times, and Cardamom wouldn’t budge from the second, so I’ve been giving them two. There is not a whole lot of space on that top floor.
Cardamom sitting inside her pink hut in her hutch. There are newspaper tubes on either side and orange and red pipecleaners up the top.

Pepper, meanwhile, is working at her hiding skills. She has in particular taken to doing an extremely transparent job of spying on her mother and me when we are conversing. Here she is, realising that her super subtle hiding spot is not so super subtle. Pepper is growing to look more like her mother all the time, particularly in the ears.
Pepper, an red guinea pig with brown eyes, hiding behind the pink hut, which is to the right of the shot.

They’re pretty gorgeous pigs and I feel very lucky to look after them. It’s quite difficult, sometimes, because guinea pigs are very sensitive and I feel as though I can never keep them completely happy. I suppose that can’t be helped, and overall it’s been wonderful to see them blossom and grow happier in their new home. Cardamom in particular has no trouble pinning down my hands and letting me know who’s boss. Congratulations on turning two, Cardie.
Pepper and Cardamom sitting together.