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First a community and reading and crafting link: Everyday feminism and knitting by Deborah at A Bee of a Certain Age:

But when a group of women get together, and knit, or bake, or garden, or read books, or engage in the slow conversation of blog posts, then with a feminist eye, I see the joy of creating space for women to be.

A very comprehensive list of guinea pigs in fiction.

Lynley Stace collects some quotes on The Art of Story.

Now for some short stories.

“The House of Aunts” by Zen Cho. It is about an undead teenage girl in Malaysia. It is one of the best stories I’ve ever read and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I have mentioned Alice Sola Kim previously. Her “Beautiful White Bodies” is rather refusing to leave my head.

She knew her final role in this now: she was going to become the latest in a long, proud line of girls who ran. She would be one of those girls who ran to save their mothers, girls who knew how to cobble together weapons out of household items, girls who could kill without crying, girls who grew up to be women with weathered creases down their cheeks and mysterious, hard-earned eyepatches. Women with pasts, women who could admit everything: That was me. I was there. I did that. Justine got tired just thinking about it.