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Back in August, I posted Some opening thoughts on religious faith and social justice. I’ve been wanting to move beyond opening thoughts, but I’ve been at a loss as to what to say since.

I think that a lot of the sadness and hostility I see directed towards religious feminists is from people who’ve had terrible experiences with mainstream, or not so mainstream, Christianity as practiced in highly Christian areas. I’ve had some pretty awful experiences at the hands of such groups, too. The difference is that I’ve also had the good fortune to associate with people, including feminist people, from a variety of spiritual and faith paths, who are so loving, who are so fierce, who are so about social justice, that I’m inspired thinking about how a fusion of often quite different rituals, traditions, and ideas can work to make the world a better place. When I look at religious people with a social justice bent working together, I see some pretty amazing stuff come out. It’s a little bit of the world social justice aims for: people who are very different being accepting and loving and building each other up.

Here was an answer to my roadblock. I thought, why not gather a bunch of religious and spiritual feminists together and let them speak on their individual stories?

I’m hoping to start an interview series here, and am gathering lists of questions and potential interviewees. I’m not going to do the thing where one person is meant to represent one tradition, because this is about honouring the specificity of experience. I’m excited.

I’ll probably add a few tailored questions for each interviewee, but here are the standard questions I’ve drafted:

1. Tell us about the formation of your feminist identity, and your faith one.
2. How is your feminism tied to your faith?
3. Have you experienced conflicts between your faith and your feminism? Have you had to make compromises?
4. What kinds of responses to your being a feminist of faith have you received? From feminists, your faith community, or others?
5. How can feminism and faith usefully work together?

So, a new project. What do you think? Have you any suggestions?