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Continuing my experiments in femininity and gender presentation.

I’ve been growing my leg hair, I don’t know what for. I also obtained a pair of high heeled shoes the other day. I’m about to shave all the hair off and start the cycle again, so I decided to snap a picture first:

[Edit: picture now removed because of all the creepy men coming here to fap over it.]

I realised a while back that I don’t have the feeling of horror (anymore?) that a lot of women seem to have in going out in public unshaven. I truly don’t care what anyone else thinks of what I do with my body hair. Well, mostly: last Friday was one of those times when I wore it with deliberate performance. I strolled about in lipstick, a big floppy pink hat and a short floral dress with my high heels and hairy legs. Hopefully I made some people think about the rigidity of expected gender performance.

My studying life’s going at a punishing pace right now, so I don’t have a lot of time to just be with myself. Getting dressed is one of those things I just have to do in any case, so I’m having fun playing around with that and amusing myself. Next week I’m going to be rocking bright yellow and blue nails and clothes – with shaven legs and flat shoes.