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I noticed that a lot of the pieces I had to share with you were about black women from the US, and I have a very dear friend who’s feeling really down about representations of blackness, so here’s a link post all about wonderful black women.

elle, phd writes the very moving My Mama and the Storm:

My mama is the kind of devout, sanctified-church-raised Christian who “gets the Holy Ghost.” She claps her hands. She cries out. She dances. She might run. Whatever she feels the spirit moves her to do.

And my sister and I, who are not particularly demonstrative or particularly religious, look at each other. Sometimes, I make a dry comment which irritates my beloved best friend who tells me gently, “You don’t know her story. You don’t know why she gets happy.”

The Love of Black Mothers and the Care of Black Children at The Crunk Feminist Collective (which you should be reading!) by ashoncrawley. I can’t actually pick a pull quote, but I can’t even tell you how important a read it is.

At Bitch Magazine, Bianca Butler writes Adventures in Feministory: Mary Elizabeth Bowser and Elizabeth Van Lew, Co-conspirators Against the Confederacy. Mary Elizabeth Bowser, at extreme personal risk, was a spy in the Confederate President’s house, and used the racist assumptions of his family to be an even more effective spy. It’s quite a story.

I’ve been wanting to see The Hunger Games, but I wanted to read the book first, and there are approximately one billion reserves on it at every library ever and also I sadly do not have the time to read for leisure rather than study at present. However! I hear the main character in the book is non-white, and is portrayed by a white actor? And also now apparently fans are getting annoyed that other characters who are described as being dark skinned in the books are being played by people fitting that description. Most of the flack is being faced by a young woman called Amandla Stenberg who is handling this with a whole lot of grace (see Miss Stenberg’s response in Us Magazine). Kindly consult Arturo at Racialicious with Update: Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Still Racist.

And something wrote a few years back that I tend to highlight again every year, on Octavia Butler and a world without her. She was one of the most proficient and hard-hitting writers I’ve ever had the good fortune to encounter, and I wish, I wish I’d known of her before she died six years ago.