Dear readers, my life’s been too political this week for me to want to write about politics of my own free will. So here are some of the pieces I’ve knitted lately.

A tie knitted in rainbow wool.

I bought this wool on a whim because it was so beautiful, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But I’ve been wanting to try out wearing ties for a while, and saw this beautiful pattern for a seed stitch tie. It is so lovely to wear.

A small pink knitted bag with handles and a cable down the middle.

This bag is for a very dear friend who has the worst work schedule in the universe. Even though we don’t spend much time together, I want her to know that I spend a lot of time thinking of her, and it takes a lot of time to make something yourself. Here’s the bag pattern; I made a few modifications, like knitting the handles in i-chord.

A teacosy on a teapot. The teacosy looks like a cupcake and has purple and teapot-shaped beads on the icing.

Here’s the pattern for this fairy cake tea cosy. I bought the teapot charms for this person before I thought of doing this pattern! I hope she’ll like it. Modelling the cosy is a teapot she herself gave me. (People give me a lot of teapots and teacups. Perhaps I just seem to be that kind of person.)