Eating gives you all kinds of nourishment.

It’s a delight to realise that eating food isn’t a bad thing. That you don’t have to deny yourself (physically, psychologically) so that other people will think you’re a good person. That is it far more nourishing to eat and be full. It is delightful to grow and to experience taste texture flavour.

When I am standing at my mother’s stove, and I bend my leg just so, she tells me that I look just like her grandmother. Cooking ties me to all those women in my family who have stood at stoves to stir any number of pots. Cooking something from our culture makes this all the more rich, and it’s a triumph when I figure out some new technique or dish. I am one of us.

Sharing food means sharing words and love with my friends. Eating means connection with my senses, with the earth, with the people who have handled it, with joy.

Eat. It will nourish your soul.