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thought for the day: why are we still framing the conversation this way? by Anna at the feminist librarian:

The question being, as always, “Can men and women be friends or does sex/sexuality inevitably get in the way?”

Here’s my thing about that question. Two things, actually. The question “Can men and women be friends?” assumes a) hetero-universality and b) that the possibility of sexual desire precludes a relationship that doesn’t involve sexual activity.

From the reading while brown chronicles of Aishwarya at Practically Marzipan:

Perhaps being able to dismiss a book for alienating you thus (because you always assume that you’ll find something else that doesn’t treat you as other) is easier if you belong to a group of people for whom books generally are more likely to be written.

cultural translations: salutatory gifts, in which Nahida at the fatal feminist experiences a series of awkward moments in the space of cultural meeting. I have had many of these, none quite so awkward!

On being an object, and then not being an object by Alice Bradley at finslippy is on having been a young woman subject to sexual harassment, and now being largely invisible. It is hard hitting, go prepared.

Finally, a poem. It’s eviscerating. If I Had a Gun by Australian poet Gig Ryan.

Women are full of compassion and have soft soggy hearts
you can throw up in and no-one’ll notice
and they won’t complain.