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Let’s check in with the Spice Girls.

Pepper (Baby Spice) and Cardamom (Ginger Spice) have been living with me for a whole year now. Here they are eating breakfast this morning.

Cardamom and Pepper, ginger guinea pigs, eat bok choy. Cardamom is sitting on a rainbow tent, and they are both on newspaper. Some pellets are visible in the background.

Here is Pepper with the rainbow tent. Cardie sits on it (not in it) and looks thoughtful. Pepper hops on and off it and beams. Life’s pretty great when you’re Pepper.

Pepper sits next to the rainbow tent, with some boy choy in the foreground.

We recently went to the vet. You might think that Pepper and Cardamom would greatly disapprove of this, and indeed we had some trouble getting Cardamom to sit and stay on the scales. But she seemed quite happy after the vet gave her a hug and told her how beautiful she was. That is one human who knows how it goes.

Cardamom, a ginger guinea pig, is in the process of running on a layer of newspaper.

The only frown-inducing part was when a receptionist tried to pet Pepper, and her mother rushed over because One Does Not Touch Cardamom’s Baby Without Permission. Many have learned this harsh lesson. It was almost eleven months before Cardamom stopped glaring at me every time I picked up her daughter.

Pepper and Cardmom sit on some lucerne, with a carrot and some pellets in the foreground. Pepper is hiding her face by her mother's rear.

Pepper thought that there was excessive taking of photos for that time of day. She squealed and went to hide by her mother, above, so I left them alone to enjoy their carrots.