Previously: The importance of women’s friendships, Can’t We Just Be Friends?

I’ve been finding so much connection lately, and community within identity-based spaces where I never thought I’d fit. It’s always a relief to belong, and it’s a relief to be in solidarity, but it’s so much better to be in somewhere because one is actively appreciated as an individual, not just for one’s grouping.

This is where justice starts, I am starting to think: friendship. We pursue goodness when we recognise people as not only worthy for being like us, but worthy on their own terms.

One of the worst parts of our world is how we are socialised out of appreciation for our good qualities, and also out of an appreciation of the softness, the nurturing that underlies caring relationships. Recognising justice means recognising things as they really are and really ought to be.

Friendship heals, and it is increasingly something I am seeing as the fundament of good politics.