I knit quite a lot (in front of the telly in lines while walking in class in cafes), but toys are some of my favourite things to make. Here are some I’ve made recently.

A red and black knitted ladybird.
This was a pleasure to make. Here’s the ladybird pattern at Stitch London.

A pink knitted pig.
Pig pattern at Spud & Chloë, which has some lovely free patterns.

A knitted white, black, and yellow penguin.
This penguin – pattern at Knitty – has a lot of parts, so don’t lose them if you try this! This penguin has proved rather popular; I’ve made it twice and probably will knit it again.

Igglybuff, a round, pink, smiling Pokemon with two arms, two legs, red eyes, a big smile, a swirl on its forehead, and three puffs of pink hair.
Lastly, here’s a Pokemon, Igglybuff. I used Marmokachi’s pattern, with some slight modifications.