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Sticking to recent links for once!

Peeling Back The Labels: ‘Femme’ By Default by Becca Dickerson at Racialicious:

Discovering hard femme meant discovering a new label, sure, but it also reminded me I can do whatever I want, however I want. I can now break the bond I’d formed between “femme” and “weak.” I can love my curves and still be queer. It’s okay if no one knows it. I feel pretty badass in my fishnets.

Helen at bird of paradox writes You’re only a woman athlete if the IOC says you are:

All of which leaves me with these questions, to which I’m unable to find any clear answers: (a) how many intersex women athletes are there who require a kneejerk response of this magnitude, and (b) what is the exact nature of threat they allegedly pose to non-intersex women athletes?

White Saviour Complex & Bloody Hands by Leah Jane at The Quixotic Autistic:

Offering someone help (that may not necessarily even be wanted) on the condition that they adapt your religion is disgusting and patronizing. One particular case from my memory didn’t involve people even going to the country, but it stood out in my memory today of just how misguided evangelizing can potentially be deadly.

Justine Larbalestier presents Writing about Racism in the Past:

The ways in which we write about race and racism are important because we can help shape thinking about them. And depicting the past as a magical wonderland full of enlightened, kind, good white people is not only wishful thinking it does not help us understand and combat racism right now in the real world.

Lastly, Spectra is Introducing a New Series on Love and Afrofeminism! over at Bitch Magazine. Are you excited? Because it sounds pretty great.