I’ve long maintained that I have the best, kindest readers in the multiverse. I’ll sometimes get emails from people asking if I’m okay in response to posts they understand as particularly personal or emotive.

I originally began this post to say not to be concerned about me, that if I’m posting about something with personal import, I’ve probably processed it enough to be in an okay enough state to post it in a public space. But ultimately, saying that is rejecting a kindness, and it is saying to stop caring about a fellow human being. And I love that I have the kind of readers who want to reach out to other people and express compassion.

Social justice is mostly a societal matter, about how we function systemically. But sometimes it’s about the there and the then, you and me, how our bodies or minds touch or don’t. It is about recognising the borders of people, and against which plane to place a hand.

So: I’m fine. Right now, I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. And I’m all the better for connecting with people like you, and I’m all the better for the knowledge that you are seeking to express lovingkindness to people who need it. Go forth and do wonderful things.